Chris & Billie Christofi

CEO at Reventon
Location: Melbourne

Participating in their 3rd Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Sleeping out 2 nights on the streets

I took part in Vinnies CEO Sleepout for the first time in 2018, raising $40,185.00 and was the third highest fundraiser in Melbourne. In 2019, my team and I raised a total of $60,564.00 of which my company Reventon donated 50 cents to every dollar raised. In 2019 I was honoured to be appointed a Vinnies Ambassador, which is a role I wear with pride, and will be continuing in 2020.

Reventon started back in 2005 with the aim of supporting Australians to build their wealth and live secure and prosperous lives. But sleeping in a warm safe bed at night, or having a permanent place to call home, isn’t a reality everyone enjoys. That’s why I am inspired to continue my work as a fundraiser, to support people experiencing homelessness in alleviating their plight.

Sleeping on the streets each night is unimaginable but by sleeping out on one of the coldest, longest nights of the year, I am able to get a small glimpse into the reality of homelessness and to raise not only essential funds for those in need but also awareness about the ongoing issue. 

I believe in the face of suffering, it’s essential to be compassionate and show empathy. That’s why I’m setting my sights even higher for my 2020 fundraising campaign by raising $80,000.00. Reventon is also committing to donating 75 cents for every dollar raised. So if you are able to, please consider donating to maximise our impact for this worthy cause – every dollar counts!


So far this year I helped provide


Individual support programs





Funds raised over the years

Latest Donations

Chris Christofi (reventon)

It's essential to show compassion. Let's go!

Billie Christofi

Supporting the people in need!


Good luck Chris & Billie!

Chris Christofi

It is a privilege to give.

Oreana Group

On behalf of Oreana, all the best!


Well done Chris & Billie for bringing awareness to the cause. Keep the good work.

Anonymous Anonymous

Happy to support such a great cause.

Reventon Masters 2019

On behalf of the players and the 6 century breaks made at the Reventon Snooker Masters 2019.


Well done Chris & Billie.

Anatomy Studios

Well Done Chris & Billie.

Dadwal & Associates

Chc Planning Solutions

John Goris

On behalf of Hermitage Homes, well done Chris.

Omran Dib

Antonis Ioannou

What an incredible experience you both shared last night. It's devastating when you consider, that is the reality for so many thousands of our fellow countrymen and women every night. Well done on raising much needed funds and awareness to this massive issue.

Divina & Nick

Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference . Thank you Chris & Billie

Billiards And Snooker Association

From the Snooker community and the Ian Chapell Blacktown Workers Classic. Was a pleasure fundraising for this great cause.

Pasquale Garofalo

Good on you Chris.

Paul Votsaris

Manny Stefanou

You are both inspirational!

Trent De Paoli

Congrats on raising so much for an incredible cause

Kevin France

Chris & Billie.... VERY PROUD OF YOU

Con Pallis

Well done Chris and Billie

Jonathan Rivera

all the best Chris! great cause and I know you will make the goal.

Mars Hana

Peter Coyle

Nice one mate!

Jacob Awad - Awad Corporation.

Keep up the good work Chris & Billie.

Antony Beltrame

Tim Graham

Great work bud. Very proud of you and Billie.

Joe Minici

Keep up the great work Chris!

David Lawson

You're a good man Chris, happy to support this worthwhile cause again.

Neil Robertson

Owen Brockfield & Sarti Team

Keep up the good work Chris! The photo is awesome and for a great cause

Chloe & Jeff Sarkis

Dean Spanos

You're an inspiration Chris, keep up the good work and stop ringing the god damn front desk bell.

Tony Nicholls

Fantastic work Billie and Chris!!! Success is reserved for those special few who go the extra mile.

James, Olivia, Jaafar Zayn Baker

Victors Barber Shop Melbourne

Shane Murphy

Good on you buddy you are a legend!!! You have been doing this for a few years now!!

Christopher Stylianou

Congratulations guys on standing unified & bringing attention to this issue. Very proud of you both , the compassion & love you share in your lives will be spread to help those in need . So well done ,

Andy Georgiou

A worthy cause, takes courage and compassion to do this, Well done to you both x Love Andy & Era

Michael Badr

Such an amazing cause Billie and Chris! So proud of you both. Beautiful people ❤️


Paul Cosgriff

For Billie and Chris - WELL DONE!!

Michael & Kristie Gerolemou

Nicholas Tofaris

Barbara Longue

Very proud of the effort Chris & Billie have dedicated to this cause.

Billie Christofi

So many people need our help!

Purvi Parikh And Dan Sraow

Thanks for doing great work! Purvi and Dan

Amal Singh

For a good cause, keep up the great work Chris!

Scott Parry

Best wishes Chris!

John Stellas

Well Done Guys

Golden Circle Members - Brick By Brick

Donations for Brick by Brick book from Golden Circle members

Jeff Farrugia

George & Sara Psarrakos

Well done on raising awareness to a worthy cause.

Arthru Lin

Fantastic to be able to contribute to such a great cause. Thanks for your kindness and generosity over the years, hope to catch up soon.

Thomas Walkley

Great achievement mate! Great effort

Leonardo Tineo

Vaya con Dios

John Andreou

Congratulations guys!! Great efforts, you are the real heroes. I am so blessed to have beautiful souls like you in my life. Keep fighting and I'll keep supporting ❤

Peter & Andigoni Christofi

We are very proud of you both!! Love Always, Dad & Mum xxxx

Helen Christofi

Very Proud of you both.

Elias Aquique

Chris, to say your efforts and contributions towards this cause are commendable would be an understatement!!! You are an inspiring example of true generosity!

Chris Savva

Very proud of you mate, your always giving. Best of luck Chris & Billie x

Elizabeth Nelson

Your dedication and commitment to bringing awareness to this much needed cause is inspiring. Best of luck with the sleep out Billie and Chris x

George & Artemis Nicolaou

CONGRATULATIONS!! You’re ongoing kindness, support and commitment is very inspiring. People like you make this world a better place, and by choosing to give to the homeless, you are truly contributing to a worthy solution. Well done, proud of you both! Love you guys!!! George & Artemis Xoxoxo

Neil Allison

I take my hat off to all you guys that do this. Well done Chris and Billie.

Sophie Karakouti

So proud of you two and all the positive contributions you two are giving back to help the homeless! Your compassion and generosity is admirable and second to none xx

Penny Votsaris

Good luck Chris and Billie I am so proud of you!

Matthew Charles

Lindrum Legends

Such an important cause . Donated on behalf of Lindrum Legends

James Nicola

Great cause Chris and Billie, Keep fighting the good fight!

Michael Christodoulides

Peter Panayi

Well done Chris. We support you and your cause.

Rebekah Pergold

I saw you on Studio 10. You guys are the real deal & I hope you reach your target & go beyond!!

Alex Smith

Thanks for being the world's best boss and continuing to push the limits. Your's and Billie's commitment to helping those in need is very inspiring

Alexandros Potamitis

Love from Cyprus. Bravo cousins m, you make us proud xxx

Sarah Sleigh

Andy Christofi

Very proud of you cuz

Golden Circle Orlando

From 2 copies of Brick by Brick - Golden Circle Orlando.

Miles Wharton

Well done Chris & Billie. I admire how you both are always willing to better this world.

Steve And Rosie Barbara

All the best with the sleep out Chris and Billie! Awesome work toward eradicating homelessness in this country!

Dianne Ballestrin

Hi Chris, thanks so much for yesterday and your inspiring talk. Looking forward to seeing you and the Reventon team on 18 June!

Anthony Colella

Good on you Chris and Billie.

Tony Fridman

Great to see your efforts

Das Car Automotive

Keep up the great work!

Barbara Longue

Keep shining your light Chris!

Victoria Neal

Amazing work guys 🙏

Tina Barbosa

You both have hearts of gold. Xx

Craig Carr

Sam King

You are an inspiration to many Chris :)

John Aksenoff

Chris Christofi, I thank you from everyone that these donations are going to 🙏 you are touching peoples lives in so many ways thank you my friend.

Jess Domican

Blessing and Protection for People Suffering with Mental Illnesses that have been rejected by friends and family and are forced to live on the Street Xx

Jack Bloomfield

Really well done Chris! Excellent initiative taking it to a whole new level like always.

Grahame Barber

Well done Chris and Billie (and George at MT says hello)

Sue Bleumink

Great job 👏👏

George Hoy

Chris Billie & you are a inspiration keep up your great work

Julie Bui

Thanks Chris & Billie for your great work & commitment.

Maria Gray

You guys are always such an inspiration. Stay safe xx


Great work, keep it up.

Tim Schneider

Inspirational mate!

Caroline Martin

Well done. I am a good friend of poppy's and are proud of the work you both are doing. Wish I could donate more but I have only just gotten back on my feet after retrenchment and weeks out of work.

Kallista Tzirvelakis

Great work cuz. Proud of you

Michelle Mead

A great cause especially during these tough times.

Antonia Froutzis

Thanks Billie and Chris for all that you do for us.

Steve Cain

All the best Chris and Billie Christofi.xx

Darren Sweeney

Peter Georgas

Great work Team

Robert Hancock

Nice work Chris & Billie

James Anthony

George Psarrakos said to mention Mutual Trust


well done mate cant really afford this but it won't put me out.on the street either.

Liz Boyd


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