Your donation transforms Australian lives

The money raised by the Vinnies CEO Sleepout goes towards providing crucial support and services to Australians in need. With your help, we can help break the cycle of homelessness for good.

The Vinnies CEO Sleepout's impact in 2022 - $9.6m:

Where we helped in 2022 with a total of $803,951 in ACT & Surrounds:

  • Increase the number of staff in the Street to Home program to be able to support more rough sleepers, plus will add the capability to be able to provide support services outside business hours. Working with the Night Patrol team, Street to Home will be able to extend their work to the early evenings during the week and at weekends.

  • Continue to provide the resources required to provide the Night Patrol service to our local Canberra community, every night of the year and we will replace our current Night Patrol vehicles with two new purpose-built vehicles, with the support of Canberra Toyota. In addition, we will also look to improve the food we provide to include hot and more nutritious food offerings, along with enhanced support services to our companions through these new vehicles.

  • Use some of the funds raised in the development of new service support programs in Regional Hubs at Young and the Far South Coast, expanding our reach to those communities.

The 2022 Vinnies CEO Sleepout Allocation of funding to homeless services in and around NSW

MTH Clinic:

  • Medical Supplies - $20,000
  • Support 1 Manager and 4 Registered Nurses' wages - $210,000

Total MTH Clinic $230,000

Community Engagement Team (Metro):

  • Support programs that build connection and develop skills (ie cooking, gardening, art classes, wellbeing programs) - $130,000
  • Support 9 staff wages including 1 Team Leader, 1 Centre Coordinator, 6 Activities coordinators and 1 Client engagement officer - $350,000

Total CE Engagement Team (Metro) $480,000

Matthew Talbot Hostel Woolloomooloo:

  • Support food costs to provide 500 hot meals each day - $100,000
  • Contribute to wages for 1 Catering Coordinator, 1 Senior Cook and Kitchen Hands - $230,000

Total Matthew Talbot Hostel Woolloomooloo $330,000

Matthew Talbot Hostel Newcastle:

  • Support wages of 2 onsite client support workers who engage and refer to appropriate supports for residents and non-residents - $150,000

Total Matthew Talbot Hostel Newcastle $150,000

Freeman House Armidale:

  • Support wages for a cook and food costs to provide meals each day to residents - $110,000
  • Support wages for 4 support workers - $190,000

Total Freeman House Armidale $300,000

Vincentian House:

  • Support client support costs of accommodation, transport, food and activities - $15,000
  • Support wages of Team Leader and 5 onsite client support workers who engage and refer to appropriate supports for residents and non-residents – $260,000

Total Vincentian House $275,000

Mary's Place (Harmony House):

  • Support client support costs - $40,000
  • Support wages of an onsite case worker and client support worker who engage and refer to appropriate supports for residents and non-residents - $ 130,000

Total Mary's Place $170,000

John Purcell House Nowra:

  • Support client support costs of catering, laundry and other services - $25,000
  • Support costs of 24/7 service support workers and case management services - $275,000

Total John Purcell House Nowra $300,000

Edel Quinn:

  • Support client support costs of catering, laundry and other services - $25,000
  • Support wages for 1 Cook and 3 Support workers - $275,000

Total Edel Quinn $300,000

Fred's Place:

  • Support wages of an onsite Case Worker and Client Support worker - $170,000
  • Support client support costs - $40,000

Total Fred's Place $210,000

Pete's Place:

  • Support wages of 3 Client Support, participation and Engagement workers - $195,000
  • Support client support costs - $15,000

Total Pete's Place $210,000

Vinnies Night Patrol:

  • Support food costs to provide nourishing food and hot drinks to clients - $50,000
  • Support wages for 2 part time Van Assistants - $102,476

Total Vinnies Night Patrol $152,476

Vinnies Van Wollongong:

  • Support food costs to provide nourishing food and hot drinks to clients - $5000
  • Support wages for 2 part time Van Assistant - $82,769

Total Vinnies Van Wollongong $87,769

Vinnies Van Parramatta:

  • Support food costs to provide nourishing food and hot drinks to clients - $12,000
  • Support wages for 1 part time Van Assistant - $38,000

Total Vinnies Van Parramatta $50,000

TOTAL: $3,245,245


Housing crisis update

You are helping to build new housing infrastructure for Queensland’s most vulnerable.

Queensland remains firmly in the grips of an affordable housing crisis. Record interstate migration, rising rents and one of the most competitive housing markets in decades are driving more and more vulnerable families into homelessness.

In fact, recent research from Digital Finance Analytics found over 40 per cent of Australians are currently experiencing financial stress in terms of maintaining housing.

With 21,000 Queenslanders facing homelessness every night, and over 50,000 on the wait list for social housing, there is an urgent need to focus on solving the problem.

Vinnies QLD, CEO, Kevin Mercer, explains, “while our volunteer members and housing staff do a commendable job in supporting Queenslanders to find accommodation, it’s impossible to find people a safe and stable place to live if the homes simply do not exist in the first place.”

Last year, Vinnies shared with you our vision to build a minimum of 500 affordable new dwellings in the next five years.

That vision is now well on its way to becoming reality. Vinnies is working with various partners to source development sites and prepare plans for inclusive social and affordable housing projects across the state.


A place for people: integrated communities

Through the financial contributions of supporters like you, Vinnies will create vibrant and inclusive communities for people from all walks of life.

The approach is a person-centred and place-based one, proven in a number of Scandinavian countries. 

It’s known as “housing first” and the model focusses on helping vulnerable people transition through the process of crisis accommodation to achieving secure, stable tenancies and even home ownership.

“Housing first” is known to improve outcomes by ensuring people are connected to their community, social support networks and empowered to achieve a brighter future to live, work and thrive.

Thank you for helping provide more Queenslanders with a safe place to call home.

Gold Coast 

  • Over seven years, we have raised over $3million through our Gold Coast CEO sleepout event and funds raised have supported three projects for the benefit of vulnerable members of our community here on the Gold Coast.
  1. Cornerstone Homelessness Support Services Program

  2. Rendu House – accommodation for vulnerable, at risk women over 60

  3. The HUB – a central location to provide direct assistance to those in need facilitated through both, internal and external services available
  • The CEO Sleepout event on the Gold Coast, supports Gold Coasters with affordable accommodation options.

Where we helped in 2022 with a total of $705, 269.42
in South Australia:

  • Funds help make a real impact to the lives of people experiencing homelessness and living below the poverty line here in Adelaide.

  • Money raised from the Vinnies CEO Sleepout help us to continue supporting local programs which don’t receive any ongoing government funding such as our Fred’s Van Meal Service, our Refugee and Asylum Seeker Service and Youth programs.

  • Funds also go to supporting people who can’t afford the basics by providing emergency financial aid, food, petrol, utilities support and other material aid. This assistance is provided to people seeking help via our assistance program, guests who are exiting our Crisis Accommodation and other referring services.

Total funds raised
: $1,846,134.96

How we will allocate the funds: 

The funds raised will be used to support our services in: 

  1. delivering three mobile kitchens, which can mobilised in an emergency anywhere in Victoria. 

  2. Participants will also help us welcome anyone who needs 24-hour support at our homelessness services Ozanam House and Quin House by funding almost 50 extra beds and wraparound support.

  3. as well as helping our local, volunteer-run services continue to provide food, petrol, utilities support and other material aid.


Where we helped in 2022 with a total of $900,244 in Western Australia

  • Vinnies WA operate a night shelter – Tom Fisher House that supports 12 chronic rough sleepers on any given night (365 nights a year) to provide respite and support from the streets. This service whilst partially government funded is supported by the generous donations of the CEO sleepout.

  • Vinnies WA currently operate 2 x Youth Engagement Hubs in Perth Metro and the regional area of Peel. These services have little government funding thus funds raised from the CEO Sleepout directly support the continuation of these services focusing on intervention and support of young people experiencing or at risk of homelessness. Passages Hubs are often the first step off the streets for young people 12-25 and can be critical in the change journey for people with complex needs.

  • The increase in the cost of living in WA has a direct effect on the Emergency Relief needs of Vinnies WA programs. Vinnies WA have seen an increase in assistance required to ensure families maintain housing (roof over their head) alongside the increase in fuel and utility prices. The funds from the CEO sleepout support people experiencing hardship by providing basic necessities such as food and clothing, as well as household items, utility bills and rental assistance and offer referrals and friendship through home visitations or by attendance at one of our support centres.

Where we helped in 2022 with a total of $59,630 in the Northern Territory:

  • All funds raised go to supporting the 1 in 17 Territorians who are experiencing homelessness every night- from long grass, to squatting, to couch surfing, to hostels, to cars, to overcrowded houses, Vinnies offers various services to help alleviate the Northern Territory homelessness crisis.

  • We offer services at Ozanam House Day Centre for the homeless in Stuart Park. All visitors are welcome to tea, coffee, cordial with breakfast and lunch prepared by volunteers and staff on site. Our Companions can use Ozanam’s toilets and showers with fresh towels, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste and shavers and drop off their laundry to be washed and dried. We liaise with other community support providers like health clinics, legal services and activities programs to foster a community service hub for people in need.

  • Our trained volunteers operate Emergency Relief Services out of Ozanam House, Palmerston Retail Store and Alice Springs Retail Store weekly providing food, utilities support and material aid to people in financial hardship. This service offers a hand up when times are tough and gives people an opportunity to get back on their feet.
  • Our Community Housing Programs provide accommodation and support for people experiencing long term homelessness. We have facilities in Darwin and Katherine for single men, single women and families in need. Often our companions reach us with only the clothes on their back and we help provide basic necessities like clothes’ and household items including a fridge, bed and linen.  

Who we help

Homelessness can affect anyone at any time. The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found that over 122,000 Australians are experiencing homelessness. Of these, 55.9% are male, 44.1% are women and 14.4% are children aged under 12 years

 Let us do without hesitation
whatever good lies at our hands 

– Frederic Ozanam (Founder of the St Vincent de Paul Society)