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Grant Gilfillan
Port Authority Of Nsw
Terry Tzaneros
Sydney Pilots Association
Steffen Risager
Marika Calfas (nsw Ports)

A worthy cause and initiative. Well done for your support and participation. As a nation we need to provide (and have the means to provide) adequate support for those in need - many of whom are in this position due to unfortunate circumstances. Compassion and caring are fundamental human values that we should all embrace.

Port Authority Staff

Port Authority staff have collected for the Vinnies CEO Sleepout. Thank you for everything you do.

Gerard Sutton
Philip Holliday
Penny Bingham-hall

Good work Grant!

Brad Milner

Well done Grant & Mike - good luck

Port Authority Of Nsw
Geoff Crowe
Patricia Forsythe
Martin White
Jim Dargaville
Ralph Keats
Alison Passey
Jai Shankar
Shane Hobday
Julie Taylor Port Authority Of New Wales

Thank you Grant and all the others who are sleeping out tonight. Wishing you all well and thank you for raising the awareness around this unfortunate yet worthy cause. What you are collectively doing will surely make a difference for those less fortunate.

Sarah M

Well done, Grant! I'm proud to see you doing this.

Catherine Pooley
Ni Gao
Tony Cousins
Peter Brennan
Sue Mcmurchy
Phil Pegram
Colin Rae

I'll send down a Knights blanket to keep you warm

Kath Walshaw
Emma Fensom
Joel Katz
Troy Ting
Kelly Mico

You did it! Well done Grant.

Suzanne Scheidl

Proud of Vinnies for a long history of providing welfare in all shapes and sizes to what must now be millions of people over many decades. Proud of Grant for supporting this important initiative.

Jeremy Gibson
Georgia Koutsandrea
Brian Robinson
Viv Rose
Mandy Hunt
Kat Ortolan

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