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Sonia McDonald

CEO at LeadershipHQ
Location: Brisbane

One night isn't a lot, but it can make a whole lot of difference

I did this for the first time last year - and found it rather difficult. it was cold, wet but we were uncover. I couldn't imagine doing this every night. And especially with the 2 snoring next to me, you know who you are!

Leading by example is important to me. Hence this cause is extra important to me as there are so many women and children on our streets, and we need to make a difference.

My purpose is to build future leaders who will make a difference to our world. I am passionate about making a difference in Leadership - and my company and team are about building high performance, engaged and diverse leaders, teams and organisations. We are also launching this year a free Leadership Program called Leadership Advantage for the Disadvantaged and we are developing an online leadership program which can be accessed by everyone.

I LOVE what I do, and I believe that is it all about leadership. When I empower and inspire others to achieve and do more, then I am at my best. I just love it!

My story started a number of years ago when I started writing around my passion, Leadership and I launched my own blog called LeadershipHQ. As a full time solo mum and entrepreneur and after several years of hard work, I decided to jump off the cliff and launch LeadershipHQ as a company and haven't looked back! Boy it is challenging and such rewarding work - and I am creating an amazing vision.

My LHQ team now consult and partner with clients across Australia and the Globe to develop and deliver leadership, diversity and engagement interventions and programs. I have the BEST team! We are so dedicated to making a difference to this world, we lead our world!

I am excited about being involved with this wonderful cause. My daughter, associates and friends think it is going to be a challenge for me as I love my sleep. But I did it last year - and I can do it again! It is going to be a fantastic experience and I really can't wait.

I am honoured to be making a difference with the St Vinnies CEO sleep out.

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Mark Robb

Such a worthy cause to support Sonia, more than pleased to put my wallet behind my words of support. Let's get people out of homelessness and into positions of Leadership!!

Amanda Van Gils

Tracey Watson

Memorable experience for a great cause. Good on you!

Adam Bowcutt

Keep up the great work Sonia! :) Awareness and empathy with action is important.

Tony Wiggins


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