Shaun Allan

Director at Tilbrook Rasheed Chartered Accountants
Location: Adelaide

Participating in their 1st Vinnies CEO Sleepout

One night isn't a lot, but it can make a whole lot of difference

My friend, Tim Seymour-Smith (city of Adelaide citizen of the year 2019), co-founded Cafe Outside The Square in November 2017, which is operated from the site where Vinnies feed the men from their homeless shelter each night. 

Tim runs the cafe with his business partner, Mike Chalmers, with all proceeds supporting the education and work placement of people who have experienced or are experiencing homelessness. Neither Tim or Mike are paid for running the cafe; they donate all their time for free and do their best to feed the homeless.

Up to 80 homeless people are fed from the cafe each day.

Through Tim I have learned about the challenges that homeless people face and how people doing benevolent acts and raising funds can really help.

To show my support for Tim and the cause, the least I can do is spend a night out in the middle of winter, to help raise funds for this most worthy endeavour. Any support you can give me in my quest will be very greatly appreciated - not just by me, but most importantly by the people who find themselves in need right now.

So far this year I helped provide


Individual support programs





Latest Donations

Tim Hower

Better late than never. You've hit your goal mate. Well done!!!! See you next week. Tim

Lindner Group

Well done Shaun! We'll also supply you with a bottle of lovely Barossa fortified to keep you warm on the inside.....

Penley Estate

Great effort Shaun, well done on being a part of such a great initiative. Hope you smash your target, a magnificent cause.

Richard Wood

Well done, Shaun. Stock your water bottle carefully.


Great work Shaun and great cause.

Will Taylor, Finlaysons Lawyers

Well done Shaun and keep warm!

Peter Allan

Ibrahim Elassaad

Thanks for helping homeless people. Proud of you guys.

Danny Elassaad

Paul Tanti

Greg Howe And David Jenkin

Strong leadership Shaun. Great cause

Jeffries Group

All the best Shaun! Len, Marty, Lach & the team at Jeffries.

Bob Franchitto

well done Shaun

Mark Allen

Steven Marshall Mp

David Rasheed

Good stuff Shaun - well done!! Cheers

Jonathon Mark Fowler

Well done Shaun and Tim! enjoy the assistabce from the Barossa!!

Sean Rahaley

Andrew Rosser

Well done boys - very happy to donate to this one !

Jock Harvey

Not much chance of you growing a beard to keep warm, good work

Stephen Watts

Alex Hehir

Well done

Andrew Jamieson

Stay warm and well done braving the sleep out 2019!

Graham Dooley

Good on you, Shaun.

Matt Mcculloch

Well done Shaun and see you tomorrow!

Jeremy Caldwell

Well done Shaun

Justin Stewart-rattray Stewart-rattray

Good luck Shaun a great cause!


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