Matt Kratiuk

Chief Growth Officer at Executive Performance Partners
Location: Brisbane and Regional | Turrbul & Yuggera Country

Participating in their 5th Vinnies CEO Sleepout

We are building the Greatest Of All Time Sleepout Team - The GOATS Team

Everyone deserves a safe place to sleep at night and so a bunch of mates and I, have decided that we are going to do something about it... We think that Vinnies does such an amazing job when it comes to tackling homelessness and so that's why we have decided to build the Greatest Of All Time Sleepout Team! AKA - The GOATS Team. Our mission is to build a team of Queensland leaders that are passionate about long-lasting change and as we move closer to the 2032 Olympics, show the world what we are made of. It's time for us to stand united, alongside Vinnies QLD and make a real difference. As such, we are going to try and raise enough money from our team, to buy a home... Let's do this!

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Matt Kratiuk

Time to put my money where my mouth is... Let's do this!! #GOATS 2023