Glenn Toms

CEO RACQ Assistance at RACQ
Location: Brisbane

Participating in their 2nd Vinnies CEO Sleepout

One night isn't a lot, but it can make a whole lot of difference

The national statistics on homelessness are quite simply mind-blowing.  When I think that in 2018 in Queensland alone we had 22,000 people sleeping without a roof over their heads on a cold, rainy night – and more than a third of them are children – I can’t ignore it.

No one would willingly choose a life on the streets, and shockingly, one in eight Australians have experienced it at some point in their lives. 

To me, it speaks volumes about the terrible circumstances they must have endured – abuse, domestic and family violence, prolonged unemployment, a health crisis – whatever the trigger, you know it’s not good if the best or only choice for some people is to hit the streets.

I don’t know how to fix this problem, but I can play a small part in helping those on the front-line like Vinnies, who do know what to do.

For RACQ, this is a real team effort – I’m proud to once again be joining CEO RACQ Bank Michelle Bagnall and CEO RACQ Insurance John Myler – and together we’re hoping all of Team RACQ will get behind us and help us in our aim to raise a combined total of $30,000. 

PS. In addition to making a tax deductible donation, please consider being part of our online RACQ raffle, with all proceeds going towards the Vinnies’ homeless appeal. Tickets are just $10 each and you’ll be in the running for your share of a prize pool worth nearly $6,000!  Thanks.

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Great to support such a worthy cause

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Kathryn Lee

Good luck with sleep out . Hope monies raised helps those in need and makes their life a little easier

Ben Tooker

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Bronwyn Morris

A very worthy cause Glenn. Well done.

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Racq Raffletix

Maddison King

Great job again this year Glenn! so glad I could help.

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Great to support a worthy cause.

John Minz

Glenn - well done and good luck. It is a great cause.

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Such a worthwhile cause. Good luck.

Mitch Threlfall

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Well Done again Glenn - hope it's not too cold!

Sue Kruger

Good on you Glenn for helping the homeless.

Rosie Walls


Good luck on your sleepout.

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Great work Tom!

Simone Paine

Warren Hosking

A worthy cause to help those in need.

Tracey Neumann

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Helen E

Great to see that you and RACQ are once again supporting this cause!

Annabel Dolphin

Hi Glenn, thank you for sharing such a worthy cause and best of luck! Kind Regards Annabel

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You have a Big Heart Glenn. Thanks for Braving the cold and giving support to those who need it

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Thank you for supporting such an important initiative Glenn!


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