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Craig Feely

Director - Retail & Development at McGees Property
Location: Adelaide

One night isn't a lot, but it can make a whole lot of difference

Director - Retail & Projects at McGees Property and former Founder & Owner of Intrepid Property, a commercial retail estate agency that specialised in the Sales, Leasing & Management of Retail Property on behalf of private investors. Recently the two businesses merged.

I support Vinnies because of the great work they do in supporting the less privileged in our own community, and lets face it - in business you could be one poor decision away from needing organisations like St Vincent de Paul.

So far this year I helped provide


Individual support programs





Funds raised over the years

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Kevin Chapley

Jason Makris

Danielle Clark

7 degrees overnight - stay warm. Great cause!!

Kaye Feely

Best of Luck, stay warm!

Jon Degner

Love your work mate.

Browsein And Save

Mcgees Property

Keep warm!! Simon, Nathan and James will have a red wine whilst thinking of you!

Kevin Nixon

Sophia Degner

Great work Craig!

Vince Fazzalari

Well Done Craig , great cause!!

Build Tec Group

Horace Bila

Good Luck!

Michael Cirson

Well done Craig on your continued support of this fund raising event.

Chris Wood

Monique Bradley

Kate & Paul Knight

Hope all goes well Craig - it's cold enough inside, let alone sleeping outside at the moment- Go well

Sam Atwal

Great effort, keep up good work.

Mark Thompson

Great going mate, stay warm.

Andrew Brown

Jason Di Iulio

Andrew Leach

Can you shave those sideburns off from your profile pic....shows your commitment to the cause though :)

Matt And Renee Combe

Rug up mate!

John Roccisano

Great work Craig.

Tom Rowe

Good luck!

Julie O'malley

Well done Craig !

Penny Connel

Todd Pontifex


The 20 bucks is to get yourself a dick-warmer... Enjoy!



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