Colin Anstie

CEO at RD Consulting
Location: Canberra
Attending: Physical Event

Participating in their 1st Vinnies CEO Sleepout

I am sleeping rough for a night, that is hard for an urban gentleman

Weโ€™re believers in better at RD. And we know that thereโ€™s more we can do to help the ACTโ€™s homelessness crisis.

This year there are four of us taking part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout to raise money for the St Vincent de Paul Society to support Australians in need. Colder and more exposed than in other parts of the city, for one night, our team will be sleeping outside at the National Arboretum. We hope that the experience will offer us a better understanding of some of the realities of sleeping rough.

To help break the devastating cycle of homelessness, we need your help. Check out our team page - RD Consulting, or our individual pages:

- Colin Anstie
- Kat Archibald
- Madeline Bonfini
- Andrew Baker

Will you help us to reach our target?

Any donation, large or small, can make a huge difference to the people who need it most.

So far this year I helped provide


Individual support programs





Latest Donations

Mitch Flaherty

Great work RD team! Colin you can finally put that Snuggie you love to good use ;)

Kai Broderix

Excellent initiative, Colin. There are no easy solutions to this but the provision of a safe shelter and food should be available to everyone in a rich country like ours.

Rd Consulting

Love your work Col!

Lakshmi West

Such a great cause Colin! Thank you for taking part.

Aaron Wild

Great work Col,

Skye Forster

Go you good thing! X

Larry & Lil Tisdell


Emma Shaw

Onya, Colin!


Awesome, Col! I hope you hit your goal!

Jess Duffy

Amy Mills

Great cause Colin!

Si Harris

Good on ya Col and team...

Yvonne Soper

Megan Whittle

Nice work, Col! Such a worthwhile cause, great to see you and the RD Consulting team getting behind it so wholeheartedly. Best wishes for the night itself!

N Harvey

Such a fantastic cause! Wish you and your team the very best with your night under the stars.

Fiona Heydon

Natalie Stankovski

Great Cause, Well Done Colin ๐Ÿ‘

Emma Konnaris


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