Chris Christofi

CEO at Reventon
Location: Victoria
Attending: Physical Event

Participating in their 4th Vinnies CEO Sleepout

I understand the importance of economic security, having made and lost fortunes during my career. 

Helping people experiencing homelessness is a cause very close to my heart as I feel like this could happen to anyone.  

Having taken part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout for the past three years, I have raised more than $180K, placing in the top 0.5% of fundraisers nationwide.   

For this year’s sleepout, I am pledging to raise more $100K. My company, Reventon will also match the funds donated dollar for dollar.   

One day while I was out grocery shopping with my family I was thinking how can I do more to help the homeless in Australia. The idea came to me to buy, build, pay off a house and donate the money to St Vincent de Pauls. We have purchased the block of land and plan to sell with an estimated sale price of $700,000 going toward the work Vinnies volunteers do.   

My ‘why’ for sleeping out?  

“It’s a massive reality check, stepping into someone else’s shoes and being stripped of everything in the middle of winter. It makes you realise how tough it is for so many people and why it is important to not judge and show kindness.”   

“It just makes me want to do more to help people experiencing homelessness.”   

“Showing kindness, empathy and compassion as a human being should be a non-negotiable”  

“I’m calling on people, business leaders, philanthropists and anyone who is kind and compassionate enough, to share their blessings with people who are in less fortunate positions. As nothing is more rewarding or important.”  

“Whether it be time, money, resources or, if you’re in a fortunate position like I am to be able to give all the points mentioned, please do. A little really can go a long way. Let’s work together and create a big impact” 

So far this year I helped provide


Individual support programs





Funds raised over the years

Latest Donations

Chris And Billie Christofi

Let's kick of the fundraising!

Michael Paris

Good work leventi. God bless you and your family 🙏

Barbara Longue

Congrats on setting high goals for ALL of your achievements Chris & Billie!


Jeff Sarkis

Well done jerk off

Kevin France

Billie & Chris: I am very proud of your dedication and participation in this great cause.

Barry Jenner

Vanessa, Jamie And Mya Borg

Love your work Chris, such a great cause.

James Nicola

Great initiative Gri. Good luck with reaching your goal!

Mike Bird

Good on ya mate. Keep up the great work

Tina Barbosa

Good luck cuz, you're amazing!

Kallista Tzirvelakis

Good job cuz

Peter Georgas

Great work Chris, best of luck, best regards to your Dad, Peter


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