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Chris Christofi

CEO at Reventon
Location: Melbourne


In 2005, I founded Reventon with a vision of helping everyday Australians achieve their dreams of owning a home and flourishing financially, so it deeply saddens me to learn how many people sleep on our streets without a roof over their heads. According to figures released this March by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, homelessness has risen 14% in the last 5 years, with over 116,000 people currently living without a permanent home across Australia.  

Unlike the 23,000 people who live rough in Victoria alone, I have the comfort of knowing that after my one night on the streets, I have a home and family waiting for me - and whilst I’d love to take all the credit for it, I know that these blessings aren’t all my own doing. It’s so important that none of us takes these things for granted, and it can take putting yourself in someone’s shoes to truly understand and empathize. It can be tempting to ignore the impacts that homelessness has on people as we go about our daily lives, but it’s essential that we never fall into the error of believing that homelessness is a just outcome, or something that’s deserved. In the end, we're all human beings and subject to circumstances outside our control. 

Mental illness, childhood trauma and abuse, family violence and the disease of addiction all contribute to creating situations that drive people onto the streets, into dilapidated or condemned buildings, emergency boarding facilities, cars, and insecure housing each night. That’s why I’ve decided to join with other CEO’s in raising funds and awareness about this important issue and hopefully promote some compassion and understanding for those who are most vulnerable in our community. 

Please join with me in making a difference by making a donation. Your generosity will make an impact addressing homelessness and improving people's lives.

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Sam Chara


Antony Beltrame

I hope its cold!

Simon Barker

Hi Chris, I really admire what and your fellow CEO's are doing to help the homeless. I know you will reach your target.

Neil Robertson

Hey mate. For someone I’ve known since our junior playing days you have been a great role model for anyone aspiring to make the most out of their lives. It’s aweome what you’re doing to raise awareness for the homeless

Jeff & Chloe Sarkis

Chris Christofi

Chris Byrne

Great work Chris

Carolyn Stylianou

Great work Chris 👍

Yarraville Snooker & Billiards Club

Yarraville Club

Great work Chris.

Billie Christofi

Proud of you babe, love you

Eduardo Tineo

Good luck Chris, Yoyoma, vaya con Dios. Tommy experienced homelessness and he supports your noble cause

Ray & Kathy Kelleher

Great work Chris, I was at Vinnies for the very first one of these a number of years ago, so great cause and good on you

Penny Votsaris

Sarti Restaurant & Bar

Bar Carolina Bar Carolina

Sean Ping Quah

Congratulations on the effort to make a difference and thanks for all the Tim Tams

Michael Bird

Good on you mate

Jamie & Vanessa Borg

Well done Chris.

Kristian Jones

Bravo buddy great work on raising awareness BLV for sure

Johl Younger

Love your work Chris! Inspiring!

George Nicolaou

Chris Savva

Always going out of your way to help people. Very Inspiring and proud of you.

Andy Georgiou

EKPNY. Great cause re and well done for putting yourself out there.

Joe Minici

Steve Pickering

A man who walks the talk.

Aaron And Rose Mahoney

Maria Savva

Thanks for raising awareness Chris, you’re amazing.

James Nicola

Good cause Chris, Well done mate.

Arthur Lin

Inspiring work Chris! All the best



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