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Caroline Hong

CEO at CH Asia Australia (Chair China HR)
Location: Sydney

One night isn't a lot, but it can make a whole lot of difference

More about Caroline: "Being the difference to make a difference"
NSW Ambassador, Vinnies CEO Sleepout - appointed in this role since 2011, CEO Sleepout supporter since 2010.
Experienced Businesswoman and Company Director, adding corporate governance and diversity to the Australian and Asian Boardrooms, including NFP, private, public unlisted and ASX companies. CH Asia Australia Pty Ltd - CEO - (Australia Asia China Consulting) Andrew Stoner & Associates - Business Partner China HR Australia - Chairman & President - Vice Chairman - Vice Chairman - Board Trustee
Other advisory roles - various Australia - Asia - China consulting

Something about Caroline … the face of modern Australia

Why the CEO Sleepout on 21 June 2018?
That night will be Caroline’s 9th consecutive year to raise funds and awareness for homelessness, a global social problem, and what can be done. Caroline first took part in the CEO Sleepout in Sydney in June 2010.

Caroline as Ambassador for the CEO Sleepout NSW event, and fundraiser, will rise to the challenge of sleeping out rough for one night like a homeless person, joining about 1000 CEOs and business leaders doing the same across Australia on 21 June 2018.

Please donate generously to help her raise funds to support homeless services. More information here.

For the first time during the CEO Sleepout in 2010, sitting on the Bench Diaries video interview, she found herself winding the clock back, opening up and talking about her own personal story.

After overcoming turbulent times in her earlier life in Asia, Caroline has always felt driven to live a bigger and purposeful life, passionate about being the difference to make a difference.

Caroline feels a strong sense of empathy for people confronted by poverty, family breakdown, financial difficulties, and homelessness.

We usually only get to hear such stories from those who have overcome adversity. Rarely will the stories be heard about those who do not make it in life. Asian people do not talk about the shame often associated with failure or poverty. Caroline is aware that there are many untold stories even in Australia, perceived by many people to be the lucky country.

Caroline’s experience made her more determined to support the CEO Sleepout event, to encourage support from government and business communities, to be more aware of homelessness issues.

She often also challenges us to think of Australia as a lucky country, and how the face of Australia is changing, and to recognize the value of diversity in ethnicity, gender and culture for the advancement of Australia in the world and in the region.

Please donate generously. Kindly leave a message with your name and email so that Caroline can thank you personally for your support to help her raise necessary funds for homeless services.

Thanking you in advance from Caroline

So far this year I helped provide


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Funds raised over the years

Latest Donations

Ethan’s Gift - Australian Philanthropic Services Foundation (lilly Jia)

Ch Asia Australia Pty Ltd

Proceeds from consulting fees

Caroline Hong

Hon. Andrew Stoner

You are a blessing to many.

Jon Isaacs

The Boyle Family

Kevin Yau

Great cause Caroline. Keep it up!

Thanh Le

Thank you for your hard work helping people in need.

Edward Lee

You are great, Caroline!

Jennifer Kwok

Alfred Chung

Caroline , many thanks for your years of personal and corporate caring for needy people in Australia ( and helping communities in China and S.E. Asia ) !

Andy Yin

Walton Chu

Aossc Michelle Chen

You are great, Caroline!

Kitty Zhang

Like to support this event to help those who are doing tought

Vincent Lim

Keep up the fantastic work that you do Caroline!

Dr William Leung Sbs Jp

Yuan Cai ?cecily?

Great Work!You are very kind.

Mark Horn

Well done! Every little bit helps

Cheryl Seeto

well done Caroline, what a difference you make.

Hong Huang

Great work, love to support you on this meaningful activity enery year !

Ivy Han

Thanks Caroline for your kindness and sympathy to those people in need, I am very glad to be invited to join this meanningful program!

Brad Stebbing

Good Luck Caroline!

Joseph Assaf

Congratulations Caroline once again for supporting such a worthy cause.

Vera Ma

Good on you Caroline!! Well worth the effort!

Ryan Gollan

Always support everything that u do!

Peter Wong

I donate $100

Paul Chan

Cecil Bass

Well done Caroline. You make a big difference in so many people’s lives

Francis Wong

Xiao Chen

Jason Parker

Well done again Caroline. I hope it's not too cold! JP

Bruce Farthing

Martin Sabrina Lau


I’d like to support Caroline’s continuous efforts over years in helping people in difficult situation.

Anthony Sim

You are highly dedicated to the community

Vera Hong

Always proud of your passion and commitment to this cause. Love Vera

Craig Bender

Dear Caroline, Wishing you all the best for another year's CEO Sleepout to raise funds for the homeless.

Anthony Paraschos

Woo Hoo, Go Caroline!!

Jamie Barkley

James Boland


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