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Anthony Woodward

CEO at Bulletproof Group Limited
Location: Sydney

Please sponsor me to help raise the profile (and some funds) for homelessness

Did you know that the majority of those affected by homelessness are not the ones living long-term on the streets? In fact, most are families with children escaping domestic violence, or suffering eviction from ever-more expensive rental property as a result of poor health, poverty, loss of work, or misadventure.

It's not acceptable to me that children should be faced with wondering where their bed for the night or their next meal should come from - all while trying to learn and develop. I know you find it equally abhorrent in our affluent society.

I'm sleeping out for one night in the relative warmth and safety of this fantastic event to raise the profile of the growing problem of homelessness, and raise some money for Vinnies, who provide services to over a million Australians every year suffering the crisis of not knowing where else to turn. 

To make a difference, I need your support. Will you help me reach my target? Donating 50 dollars can make a huge difference to people who need it most.

So far this year I helped provide


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Funds raised over the years

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John Ferlito

Don't forget your inside!

Anthony Woodward

Mark Lauer

Stay rugged up! It'll be cold out there.

Ozcad Pty Ltd – annabel

A great cause, Ant!

Marion K.

Stay warm!

Kum Wah Chong

Great Work Anthony!

Raj Kurup

Mark Schild

Maharshi Bhatt

Giles Bill

Good luck and good work

Stast-kate Schroder


Jonathan Adams

Good work Anthony

Dane Jeffrey

Anjithkumar Paila

David Dunn

Great work Anthony :)


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