Andrew Gibson

CEO at Claude Group
Location: Sydney

Participating in their 9th Vinnies CEO Sleepout

Poor timing to be asking for donations

It seems insensitive timing to be asking for charitable donations when almost all of us are financially adversely affected by the Covid pandemic.

I was reluctant to take part in this year’s Vinnies sleepout when almost my sole focus has been trying to navigate our own businesses through this economic turmoil. It has been a drain financially and emotionally and to be frank I was struggling with the energy to try and raise funds at this time.

This is a good wake up call for all of us to reassess what is most important and reset our expectations and gratitude for what we normally take for granted. When our world is thrown upside down, our way of life compromised, freedom gone and financial standing in limbo maybe we are getting a glimpse into the world of those who are really in need.

This will be the 10th year Claude Group have taken part in the CEO sleepout and my ninth year. The work Vinnies do and their need for funds is greater than ever given the amount of people being added to those already in distress. This year’s event is a virtual sleepout and I will be sleeping on my back deck at home to raise funds for those most in need.

Clearly this is poor timing to be asking for donations, but if you can help you will be helping those most in need.

Thank you


So far this year I helped provide


Individual support programs





Funds raised over the years

Latest Donations

Robert Gibson

Good on you son.

Andrew Gibson

Catherine Gibson

Very proud of you Andrew to taking part in this years Vinnies sleepout at this very difficult time Love Mum

John Troy

Keep it going. Good luck.

Charmaine Moldrich

Such a good thing to do Gibbo. So happy to help.

Josh And Steph Fares

Thank you for your efforts in raising money for this cause.

Peter Ryan

Your continued passion and commitment for this cause is admirable Andrew.

Robert Derksen


Keep up the good work Gibbo!

John Southwood

Well done Gibbo. A time for rethinking lots of things.

Steve Di Leo

Well done gibbo !

D'arte Group - Scott Williams

Good on you Gibbo, with everything that's going on today is easy to forget there are still many thousands of homeless people who desperately need help. Well done!

Edward Dykes

Good work Gibbo son. Tell me you gonna have a few tinies and a ruby to keep you going. Outstanding effort, proud of you.

Lynn B

Hi Andrew. Such a great cause. Stay warm! Cheers Lynn

Kirsty Dollisson

Good on you Gibbo! You might need to double up the beanies this year.

Colleen Bolton

Great work that Vinnies do. In these stressful times that we’re all feeling in some way right now, nothing compares to sleeping out in the cold and being homeless. So much respect for you Andrew Gibson for doing yet another CEO sleepout. I still have my beanie from the last one and I wear it with pride


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