Alex Harris

Managing Director at Noosa4Sale
Location: Queensland (Brisbane & Regional)

Participating in their 1st Vinnies CEO Sleepout

You never think it can happen to you...

Every night, thousands of Australians experience homelessness.  Especially women over 50. This is an appalling fact for a country like Australia.

With no government investment in social housing in decades, many women over 50 find themselves unable to pay the extreme rents now the norm in places like Noosa.  

I have my own experience of homelessness.  In 2012, too ill to work, I was unable to pay rent and was without a place to call home for over a year. 

This is in no way a story unique to me.  Many women find themselves in the same position.   Many families now too.  

As a real estate agent today, I see first hand the challenges faced by older Australians particularly, to afford a home - either to buy or rent.  This is the challenge of our time. 

But it doesn't have to be that way.  This year I'm taking part in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout to raise money for the St Vincent de Paul Society to support Australians in need. 

For one night, I'll be sleeping outside as part of an eye-opening experience to raise awareness and bring home the realities of homelessness. One night isn't a lot, but it can make a whole lot of difference

To help break the devastating cycle of homelessness, I need your support. 

Will you help me to reach my target? Donating $1,000, $500, $100, $50 or even $10 can make a huge difference to the people who need it most.  Whatever you can spare is sincerely appreciated. 

Please. You never think it can happen to you. Oh but it can.  Every dollar helps. 

Thank you. 

So far this year I helped provide


Individual support programs





Latest Donations

Mike Lee

Thank you for caring Alex

Alex Harris

Victoria Sobczyk

Well done Alex! I love supporting you in your selfless and always generous ventures. I acknowledge and appreciate the time and effort you put into each and every one of them.

Janet Oleson

Meera Allen

You are amazing!

Judy C

Alex a great contribution

Ralph Rogers-acresnoosa

Good on you Alex. I hope it's a warm night.

Linda Feltman

Nobody should ever feel cold or hungry in our lucky country! So proud of you, sorry I can't make it this year! XX

Kaylene Murray

Alex you inspire us all with your support of worthy causes. You rock girl!! Everyone deserves the opportunity of a better life.

Lyndel Elias

Thank you Alex. You certainly do a great deal to help those in need. Particularly in our community. Happy to help.

Jeanette Allom-hill

Alex you are such a generous soul. Thank you so much for leading the way for the fundraising. Congratulations on hitting your goal, the first in our group of 55 people

Peggy Bell

Gaylene Stangherlin

You inspire me every day!

Don Caro Emslie

A wonderful cause. Go well


Well done Alex! 👏

Karyn Brinkley

Alex, thank you for doing this. Raising funds and raising awareness are both critically important. I’m very grateful for you and this work.

Ingrid Jackson

Thank you, Alex, for doing this to assist homeless people.

Alisa & Joel

Well done Alex!

Marlane Brunner

Wonderful effort Alex!

Shona Smith

Graham And Barbara Bray

Glenda Heinemann

Jan Cooke & Peter Butler

Elizabeth Honisett

Good luck.

Ambere Livori


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