Karen Sinclair

Chairman · Watermark Intellectual Asset Management
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I have been a member of what has been known – at least unto itself – as ‘The Lucky Profession’ – for over 25 years. We are, and I am, indeed very lucky.

IP practitioners – patent and trade mark attorneys – are a rare breed. Even having a history of over 150 years in Australia, there are still only just over 1000 of us who operate throughout the country. Every day we get to work with inspiring people who make the future possible through their scientific, engineering, branding and design innovation. These people all try to make a difference.

My profession has served me well. I have a good job, great colleagues, intellectual stimulation, good food on the table, restful and exotic holidays, warmth when I want it, love, companionship and a strong network of family and friends.

I am humbled though by the people around me who, through their good luck and good fortune, or just their enormous hearts and their plain goodwill to their fellow man, try harder and do better than I in helping others who struggle to access even a little of all that I have.

It’s time I tried harder and did better at making a difference.

My fellow Watermark-ers are generous and have genuine social conscienceness. As their Chairman, I’m proud to represent them in drawing attention to a great cause.

Through my small effort I hope I can inspire others.

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