Managing Director · Fujitsu General Australia - Supports Vinnies in helping people experiencing homelessness in Australia

Philip Perham

Managing Director · Fujitsu General Australia
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I’ve been with Fujitsu General Australia for nearly 20 years and over that time I’ve been fortunate enough to have received support and guidance from my family, friends and the company, to be in the position I am in today. I don’t take this for granted. For many, this has also been the reality, but with a few life surprises, it can quickly change for any one of us.

105,000 people throughout Australia face sleeping on the streets and without the support of family or friends, it’s very hard to break the homelessness cycle and get back on two feet. We all have hurdles and challenges in life, but without the right support to get through each challenge, life can spiral out of control quickly.

I’m going to experience only a glimpse of the hardship homelessness brings to families and individuals every day across Australia. I want to remind myself, and the business, how fortunate we are to be able to go home each night to a comfortable bed.

Our main purpose at Fujitsu General Australia is to provide Australians with all year-round comfort. Having a bed to sleep in at night, in a comfortable and safe home environment, should be accessible to everyone.

As a business we are passionate about supporting and investing in the community such as grass roots sporting initiatives, which provides opportunities for younger generations to achieve their goals and aspirations in sport. Fujitsu General also sponsor Sporting Chance Cancer Foundation, which helps to provide home support and care to children with cancer.

Personally, and as a business, I hope I can raise as much as possible to assist with Vinnies achieving its ultimate goal of reducing homelessness and poverty.

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