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Jennifer Elliott

CEO · Integrity and Values
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Jennifer is one of Australia’s leading authorities on executive leadership and organisational change. For over 20 years, Jennifer has worked with executive leadership teams across Australia to deliver real and lasting change. The power of her work is experienced through distinctive workshops and ongoing coaching, and is based on insights and scientific research about the real levers of change and performance inside organisations. Jennifer has been a business owner for more than 30 years. As a young 20-something entrepreneur she learnt the hard way about the need to grow her own leadership prowess. She faced challenges including management conflicts, cash flow issues and delayed deliveries. She continued to learn, and went on to build million-dollar companies. In 1997, she was a Telstra Business Woman of the Year award winner for her work in developing business leaders. In 2004, Jennifer set out to analyse the phenomena of integrity and leadership and commissioned a scientific team to gather and analyse data. The result is the Integrity and Values Profiling Tool, a tool that measures the key values and behaviours of leaders and teams. Today, it is the foundation of the work Jennifer does with leaders and teams in her organisation, Integrity and Values. Jennifer is a woman of mixed race who was born in South Africa during the apartheid regime. Following the courageous example her parents showed in their lives, Jennifer emigrated on her own to Australia when just a teenager. She is a loving mother to five adult children and a doting grammy.

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