Director · FoxG1 Foundation Australia - Supports Vinnies in helping people experiencing homelessness in Australia

Vivek Singha

Director · FoxG1 Foundation Australia
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With advances in genetics and technology, there are great strides being made in the field of not only medical diagnostics but also genetic therapies. My 4 year old son Kush was the first child in Sydney diagnosed with FoxG1 Syndrome a profoundly debilitating single gene disorder. Ever since his diagnosis my purpose in life has been to try my best to find a gene therapy for FoxG1, so that all children diagnosed by FoxG1 live a normal life like all other children.

With everyone’s support I truly believe that we will find a cure for FoxG1. This is Kush’s journey

Kush has motivated me to try to help not only himself but the whole world and that is his purpose. While he is challenged, we never forget how lucky we all are. If by my sleeping out on the streets for one day if someone, especially a child could be benefitted I will do it. Kush is my inspiration to help other children out there who may have to, if not for Vinnies , make do on the street . While helping the homeless, I also want to share the challenges of FoxG1 with my fellow CEO’s as TOGETHER WE CAN FIND A CURE for FoxG1 as well. .

Thank you Kush for inspiring me on this journey and helping so many.

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