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Alison Bentley

Associate Director · Integrity and Values
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I’m a kid from a country Queensland town where roaming bare foot and free round the paddocks with the neighbourhood was life’s fabulous early adventure. As a grown-up, and some decades later in a patch of Sydney dirt with now mostly heels or runners, I still love the feel of grass under foot…and sand. So I’m a bit nervous about only concrete underfoot on 22 June at the CEO SleepOut.

In my early years and after a series of ‘that looks fun’ jobs, I set out to be an independent woman in business and the best entry for that seemed a mix of economics and marketing and back to uni.

Ever ambitious and adventurous, as well has great experience and successes in creating and building products, brands and businesses for others, I created 3 businesses for myself too. It’s a good feeling to have worked inside big, small & iconic organisations, fast and furious start-ups, family businesses, and the sale and closure of businesses. A solid rollercoaster on the wave of change and the financial services was a strong context in my career.

My sense of adventure never runs dry and today, I’m in a new one that comes with the dream of living 150 years. So I’ve got more than half my life to live yet and how’s that going to play out?

I’ve lots to work with including my fabulous role at Integrity and Values where I get to challenge myself and others in the thinking and then doing things differently from what I’ve always done. As Einstein pointed out, what I did to get me here isn’t enough to get me there.

And my other secret weapon is my 16 nieces and nephews, and being around for their futures and their kids and being barefoot in the grass and sand.

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