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David Smith

Director ACT, Professionals Australia · Professionals Australia
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As Director of Professionals Australia I work with science and engineering professionals every day who aim to make our city and country work better for everyone whether it be through our roads, water, electricity and offices and homes.

Over the last ten years years we have seen substantial new housing developments across the city yet Canberra still has a significant homeless problem with the cost of housing beyond many families and nationally more than a 100,000 Australians experience homelessness. Safe, sound and secure housing is a fundamental human right and the key to addressing poverty and social inequality.

The Vinnies Sleepout is a great way to make a practical difference to many of our fellow Canberrans who desperately need support and I’m happy to be involved again. This year as well as sleeping out I am walking more than 700kms – you can find out more here:

Just $200 could relocate and establish a homeless person into one of the Society’s homeless accommodation services.

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