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Redlands Coast - Community Leaders Team

Join our Community Team for this most humbling, most important initiative.
Redlands is blessed with a community minded group of business leaders, and when they come together incredible things can happen.
More than ever before, your leadership & contribution is needed to support the vital work of Vinnie's and help us tackle the ever growing homelessness crisis together.  
Whatever brought them to that place, domestic violence, the housing crisis, mental & physical health, sudden unemployment, & addiction just to name a few, the support you will help provide, gives hope, opportunity and assistance in their time of need.
I just know you will be as inspired by the success stories and as moved by the realities as I have been since joining this mission 5 years ago.
in 2021 I slept rough in my community, completely on my own at the harbour, in the hope that it would bring awareness and participation for 2022 and beyond.

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