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This page has a range of resources to help you as a participant of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout. If there is something specific you need please feel free to contact us.


Not sure how to get started? Make sure you read the Fundraising Handbook and watch Nick Reade’s (BankSA’s Chief Executive)  Top 5 Fundraising Tips. Nick was the top fundraiser in South Australia in 2014, 2015 as well as achieving the National Highest Fundraiser in 2016, so it’s well worth a watch!

Nick Reade’s Top 5 Tips – 2017 CEO Sleepout from Mackbel Films on Vimeo.


Fundraising Handbook:  

So you have signed up for the 2017 Vinnies CEO Sleepout and now you need to raise $3,000 or more! Download your Fundraising Handbook for some tips on where to start.

Email signatures: Download by: Clicking on the image, a new screen will open, then right click on the image and save as.  You can then copy this into your own email signature.


Posters: Great way to promote the Vinnies CEO Sleepout in your office – place a poster in the lunch room (and perhaps one in the Boardroom)!

Click on the images below for A4 or A3 posters:


Social media: Please connect with us on social media. It’s a great way to promote your involvement and fundraising efforts, and also helps Vinnies spread the word.

We can be found on LinkedInFacebook, Twitter and Instagram. Use the #ceosleepoutau in your posts to make sure you are part of the conversation.

No matter which channel you are using, social media is an opportunity to take people on your Vinnies CEO Sleepout journey. Post updates and pictures in the lead up to the event of things relating to your participation e.g. buying thermals to keep warm on the night.

One way to get noticed is to update your profile picture and cover photo so it relates to the Vinnies CEO Sleepout® – you could be dressed in your PJs or holding some cardboard seeking sponsorship. Get creative!

Below are some post ideas that may help:

  • I just signed up to take part in the Vinnies @CEOSleepout. Help me raise money to end homelessness at ceosleepout.org.au #ceosleepoutau
  • Our CEO, <insert name> has signed up for the Vinnies @CEOSleepout, to help end homelessness. You can support him/her at ceosleepout.org.au
  • Help our CEO, <insert name> raise $<insert fundraising target> to help end homelessness. Visit ceosleepout.org.au
    I’ve just reached $<insert amount> in donations for the Vinnies @CEOSleepout. Thanks for your support!
  • This June I’m rising to the challenge and sleepout out at the Vinnies @CEOSleepout. Help improve the lives of the 105K Aussies who are homeless. ceosleepout.org.au
  • I need your help to raise much needed funds to help those without a safe place to live. Show your support of homelessness by donating at ceosleepout.org.au
  • Thanks to everyone who has donated so far. I still need to raise <$amount to target> to reach my Vinnies @CEOSleepout fundraising target ceosleepout.org.au
  • 60% of the homeless population is under the age of 35. Help me end homelessness. Vinnies @CEOSleepout ceosleepout.org.au
  • Domestic and family violence is the leading cause of homelessness for women and children. Help me end homelessness. Vinnies @CEOSleepout ceosleepout.org.au
  • More than 17K Aussie kids don’t have a permanent home. Help me end homelessness. Vinnies @CEOSleepout ceosleepout.org.au
  • People experiencing homelessness are more likely to suffer from severe mental health issues than the rest of the population. Help me end homelessness. Vinnies @CEOSleepout ceosleepout.org.au
  • Unemployment, family breakdown and drug and alcohol abuse are additional factors that lead to homelessness. Help me end homelessness. Vinnies @CEOSleepout ceosleepout.org.au
  • Homelessness doesn’t have a postcode. Help me raise awareness and end homelessness by donating today at ceosleepout.org.au
Images: Download by: Clicking on the image, a new screen will open, then right click on the image and save as.  You can then copy this into emails, on social media etc.

Fact sheets: Click here for information about how your fundraising makes a difference and facts about homelessness.

Click here for Claire’s Story: Homelessness to hope – a Vinnies case study.

How to spread the word: A very effective way to raise funds is to email your network and ask them to sponsor your night in the cold. You can download templates here or use your own words.
Invite Others: As Ambassadors of the Vinnies CEO Sleepout event, if you know anyone you think should be joining you in the cold, you can give them a gentle nudge by emailing them an invitation (click save to download the pdf and attach to a personalised email).
OH&S Form for Participants: Please download this form as a PDF or Word doc, complete and either email it back to events@svdpsa.org.au or bring it along with you on the night.