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Mr Gary Poole

Mr Gary Poole


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I left an abusive family life at 14 to live on the street. Those days were very hard as I never felt safe. It was a shock to finding myself not knowing north from south, no money, no skills, no food, no company and to make matters worse I had a bad stammering impediment so even if I wanted to I couldnt reach out. The were days of utter fear and loneliness

I did persevere though and eventually got myself out of the gutter and got a job and then when things were down and I was suicidal, I turned to Lifeline, got some help and wanted to repay it so I set out on buidling up a business where I could help

After a number of years I am very proud to say that I can now give back to those who are in the same horrible hole that I was once in. Last year I was invited to be the key note speaker at the Annual Vinnies CEO Sleepout. I felt that I was part of a bretheren. It felt good not to be alone. We have such a little time on this earth. Lets spend it helping others

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